Job Openings

Position :  Farm Manager

Gender : Male

Job Description 

The prospective applicant will be responsible for the entire management of our farms. This includes but not limited to:

* Feeding our live stock (pigs, poultry, rabbits, fish etc) per our given requirements
*Growing and managing crops (vegetables)
* Cleaning their places of abode regularly as per our cleaning policies
* Maintaining general hygiene on the entire farm
* Securing and protecting all farm equipment and property entrusted in your care.
* Keeping comprehensive records on each and every single animal on the farm. This shall include but not limited to date of birth, family history, disease records, weight history, injuries, sales, tagging and identification records etc.


Greenloop Farms, Ningo Kope; Dawhenya.

Required Experience

3 years minimum

Required Skills

The prospective applicant should have an indepth knowledge in livestock breeding (Pigs, Poultry, Rabbits & Fish).


Any appreciable qualification in Agriculture is a plus. However, Any experienced candidate with the ability to read and write may apply.

Mode of Application

To apply, kindly send a soft copy of your CV to

You may also call us directly to book an appointment on 0551176666